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Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers
Here are some testimonial letters from our customers, both canine and human.





Dear Reader,

In October of 2006 I had an important decision to make- to continue in competition Obedience or retire from the sport. My GSD partner, Cairo, had promise and a solid foundation but I had never trained a dog for Open or Utility before and book research wasn’t motivating me enough to get the job done. I tried several different classes, but couldn’t find an instructor that would both respect my personal training philosophy, and show me how to use it to train for the higher exercises.

Then I found Julie. She did as much for my flagging morale as she did for my inconsistent timing and uneven technique. It was an hour’s drive each way to her class every week but well worth the effort. I could start the drive there tired and achy, but feel completely energized and motivated on the way home. (Too bad you can’t buy “Canine Learning Center” in a bottle)

The purpose of this letter is to let you, the reader, know how Julie helped Cairo and I be the very best obedience team we could be. Upon reflection, it really boils down to this – Julie is an excellent teacher as well as an outstanding dog trainer. For example she didn’t just see that Cairo needed to learn the Broad Jump, she saw that I needed to learn to be confident in the ring. I dreaded the stays. She helped me to learn to trust my dog and the last time we competed in Open A, I had the confidence to know that we had qualified long before the stays were over.

Cairo and I had many training adventures between October 2006, when I first started working with Julie, through October 2007, when I basically retired Cairo for health reasons. I can’t compress a year of process into a few paragraphs, so instead, let me share with you the titles and honors we achieved during that time period:

AKC - Rally Excellent Title
UKC-Companion Dog Excellent Title
AKC-High Scoring GSD (twice) at our breed specialty
AKC Companion Dog Title
AKC-Companion Dog Excellent Title
AKC-High Scoring Dog in the A Classes (twice)

and an unbelievable First Place at the GSDCA Nationals in Open A.

This year a new puppy will join our household. With a solid foundation, and Julie’s guidance, who knows what adventures lie ahead?


Wendy Beshoar
UCD River vom Adel Haus CDX, RE, CGC, HIT (a.k.a. Cairo)
Countess Windstorm Willow HSAs, CD, HTDI-s, PT, CGC
Plus a new Royalair puppy coming in Spring.






March 2010

Dear Reader:

The Canine Learning Center staff provide excellent advice and techniques to train you and your dog to be working companions and good canine 'citizens' or, if you desire, a successful competitive team in obedience, rally obedience, agility, and breed conformation. From puppy classes to advanced obedience, you and your dog will receive quality instruction and advice that will improve you and your dogs confidence and behavior. Owner Julie Yamane is an excellent teacher and she and her staff work diligently to find training techniques that are successful for both you and your dog. Many of us in the competitive arena have benefited from Julie's insights as to how to improve our performance as a competitive team. I have also seen several dogs with behavior issues that have been successfully modified with custom positive training provided to the dogs and their caring owners. I have worked around many dog trainers over many years and I believe Julie and her staff provide some of the best personal training available for the responsible and caring dog owner. Quality help, advice, and understanding are always available at CLC. My dogs and I have benefited greatly from our 10-year association with CLC.

Dave Freddy, owner/handler of German Shepherd Dogs

UCH, UACH Hoch Berg Trapper V Waterton CDX, AXJ, MXJ, RAE; OAC, NJC-O, NCC, NTG, NWV, NTN; CGC, TTC-GSDCA, TDInc; NADAC Novice Versatility Award, UKC Total Dog Award, UKC Agility HIT, Front & Finish Honorable GSD Award 2004, 2005; Nutramax Cosequin Product Photo Dog 2008.

Hoch Berg Targhee V Waterton TD

Hoch Berg Bridger CD; crossed The Rainbow Bridge 1997
Bruno's Lobo Grande; crossed The Rainbow Bridge 1985
Ace; crossed The Rainbow Bridge 1972