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Puppy Kindergarten
Cost: $125

Puppy Kindergarten is a six week class, one hour a week.

All puppies in class will be between 10 and 16 weeks when class starts, so all will be at a similar stage of puppyhood. This is important, as we believe playtime with other sizes and shapes of puppies is important for socialization as well as offering young minds a nice break from training.

Puppies learn to sit, down, and come when called, as well as walking on a loose leash. Harder skills are also addressed, such as heel and stay. Puppy playtime is used to practice off-leash recalls, and puppy agility is great fun for humans and dogs, as well as imparting confidence to the puppies. Housetraining, biting/chewing/digging and other behavior issues are discussed.

Puppies are not trained in one hour a week! You will be given written handouts about each exercise, and how to teach and enforce them. Like any school, to succeed, you need to do your homework. Puppies learn fast and easily, but it is through repetition and consistency.